Three Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

I see a lot of clients who aren’t ready for a marketing strategy. They either don’t have the budget for marketing or they don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. These two elements are crucial to the success of any marketing plan. As a marketing strategist, my most valuable offering is helping a business stay on track, stay organized and on budget. But there are a lot of things that impact the marketing of your business, that a marketing professional can’t help with. Here are three things all small businesses should include in their marketing efforts, and don’t need a marketing professional to accomplish.  

Appeal to all five senses at every touchpoint.

Your business should be appealing to all five senses at every level of interaction. From awareness to conversion, your business should look sleek and modern. Communicate clearly and professionally. You should make the customer feel secure and supported. (Okay, you might need a professional marketer to help accomplish this in your online presence).

If your business is a brick and mortar, the establishment should smell and look pleasing, be clean and comfortable for all customers. Customers remember how your business made them feel, at every step of the way. And if at any point they feel uneasy, it’s not likely they will return for more business.

Be responsive.

There’s nothing more frustrating than contacting a business about their services, and never hearing back from them. Marketing psychology tells us that when we start the process of making a purchase, we are really looking for a solution to our current problem. Be responsive to all phone calls, emails and all social media channels. It makes their purchasing process easy and they are more likely to shop again and refer other customers!

Be active in your online reputation.

Reputation management could be the single most impactful thing any business owner does. Setting up listings on online review sites such as Yelp, FB Business and Google My Business allows customers to share their experience and also see what other customers have to say about doing business with you. Most business owners avoid these sites because they are afraid of negative reviews. But a negative review is like the golden egg of marketing. It’s the perfect opportunity to show future customers how you handle a situation with an unhappy client. It’s an opportunity to show off your stellar customer service skills and your commitment to fix any issues that might arise.

Overall, small business owners have a lot of control of the marketing success of their company. By focusing on these things, they set up their business for successful operations and an even more efficient level of marketing support.


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