Marketing 101

(Free or almost free ways to market your business). 

So you don’t have ANY marketing dollars. Is there a way for you to still get clients and market your company? Yes. Your growth will be limited with these sources, but you can build a base for your company by following these steps.

  • You need a website. If you can’t afford to have one professionally designed and built, you can build one yourself for very low cost using Squarespace, Wordpress or Wix.
  • Once you have a website, make sure to set up free online listings on Yelp, Google My Business and any other free sites that might pertain to your industry.
  • Ask for reviews. A positive online reputation can be crucial to the survival of any business. And it’s free! Make sure to ask clients to share their experiences. (It’s technically illegal to ask for a positive review or incentivize any customer for a positive review.)
  • We hate to admit it, but someone might leave a negative review on one of your free review sites. But do not fear! A negative review is actually a very valuable opportunity to show future customers how you handle an unhappy customer. Make sure to take the time to respond to the negative review, thank them for their feedback and explain what you are willing to do to make things right. If it’s possible to take the conversation offline by calling or emailing them directly, do it!
  • Make sure you get business cards. Vista print or have some very affordable options.
  • Network! Look for free business networking opportunities on or facebook. Some networking organizations, such as BNI, charge a yearly membership fee. These costs would be minimal compared to other marketing strategies you will implement in the future.

One thing to remember is that all of these sources will cost you time. The most valuable resource of all! It’s important to monitor your review sites daily or weekly, network consistently and make sure your website has all the information your customer needs to make a decision.


Extensive background in marketing.

"With an extensive background in marketing plus her entrepreneurial mind , she brings not just knowledge but a problem-solving process that allows her to customize the plans to the goals her clients are trying to achieve (no cookie cutter approach)." 

— K.S.