She gave me ideas on things that I hadn't thought of before.”

About a month ago, Samantha Chalmers with J14 Marketing Strategies put together a marketing plan for me..and to say that I loved it would be a VAST understatement. She gave me ideas on thing that I hadn't thought of before, and more importantly, she was finally able to put into words something that I've been looking to clarify for years.

I'm a personal chef, who was inspired to become a chef because I spent so much of my childhood with my grandparents.  Because of this, I grew up eating amazing home-cooked food, that just made you feel good.  It's been my goal to do this for my customers...and Samantha completely nailed what I do...she said that my service provides "nourishment, for you mind, body and soul."  That is EXACTLY what I'm going for!

I have her marketing plan on my desktop and am using the holidays, which are often a strange time for me, to implement the strategies that she's put into place for me...I look forward to the jump that my business is going to take from her work, and can't thank her enough. :)

— M.C. Owner, Chef Curry Cuisine

“Marketing is an investment”

I have been working alongside Samantha for 6 months.  As part of her team, I get to see how her mind processes through marketing plans that cater to the businesses, and generate fresh, new prospects to the doors of the businesses she helps.  With an extensive background in marketing plus her entrepreneurial mind , she brings not just knowledge but a problem-solving process that allows her to customize the plans to the goals her clients are trying to achieve (no cookie cutter approach). 

She partners with others in her field that are recognized for getting effective results as well, so when she manages a person's plan, she is working with experts who are as reliable, informed and driven as she.

Marketing is an investment and finding a expert worth putting your marketing dollars towards, can save thousands of dollars.  Samantha Chalmers will help you make the most of your marketing budget and help you gain traction in the puzzle of how to get prospects to the 'doors' of you business!

— K.S. Destination Breakthrough, LLC

"Samantha's creative/strategic thinking and superb project management skills have made all the difference in ensuring deliverables were completed in timely manner and up to expectations."

— Eddie Alumbaugh


“...this was the best thing I could have asked for.”

Samantha with J14 Marketing is amazing!  She spent time reviewing everything I currently do in marketing and prepared a plan to take it to the next level.  Extremely thorough and presented a very detailed long term plan.  She has many resources to assist in implementing the plan.  When you do not have a ton of time to work on an arm of your business that is not what you do every day...this was the best thing I could have asked for.  She created the plan, we went over it and she implements it.  This allows me to do what I do best and still consistently be marketing my business.

— M.B. Home Mortgage Alliance

“...she truly has me, my business and my clients best interests at heart.”

I am a small business owner and creative entrepreneur who was having a difficult time juggling the many different aspects of running a business. Mainly how to market AND get back to the core art of my business. Working with Samantha Chalmers and J14 Marketing has been truly eye opening for me. Not only did Samantha do her due diligence and research, she supplied me with invaluable information AND all the necessary steps to get me there. For every marketing suggestion she offered me three options in various price ranges as well as what those costs included. Samantha was punctual to all our meetings and very efficient, she went above and beyond at every junction of the project. There was no high-pressure sales pitch to move me forward but a confidence in knowing what my next best marketing steps are. When I'm ready to move onto the next part of my marketing plan she will be the first person I call as I know she truly has me, my business and my clients best interests at heart. 

— E.S. Imagine a Moment Photography